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S.O.S Haiti

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On January 13, 2010, one day after the Haiti’s tragedy, S.O.S Medicos was on the scene with 30 doctors. S.O.S Medicos’ team in coordination with other organizations, was to the most affected areas of Haiti, playing a important role of coordination, evaluation and reception of first aides. S.O.S Medicos, with the assistance of the community and religious leaders as well as the population, built a platform for the management of the resources. This latter lent their land and houses to provide acommodations.

After a few weeks, S.O.S. Medicos reach the following objectives:

  1. The installation of a medical camp.
  2. The installation of rescue camp and first aids camps in strategic places.
  3. The rescue ans escort of children in a orphanage that still take care of them.
  4. The delivery and administration of help kit to the Haitian population.
  5. A solid platform to help the transfer of survivors by air and land
  6. A new coordination structure for a new aid.
  7. The creation of a new telecommunication tower for Haiti and international aid.
  8. Creation of a refugee camp for thousands of  people.
  9. The realization of a medical operation open to the Haitian population in coordination with the Anglican church in Port-au-Prince.