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S.O.S to the International

What is S.O.S Medicos Assistance?

PrintSOS Medicos is a International Health Care platform in the Dominican Republic exclusively for the benefit of insurance companies whose objectives are:

  1. To meet the demand of “assistance providers” while obtaining the satisfaction of the members.
  2. To construct, maintain and develop a strategic network of Good Quality Private Hospital distributed by levels of care and integrate a panel of services.
  3. To maintain a constant level of reactivity.
  4. To set up the necessary traceability tools in order to improve the quality services by corrective action.
  5. To be a human platform, reliable, with a clear and watchful management of the conditions of health care assistance.

Range of services SOS Medicos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1. Deployment of taxis, ambulances taxis / tarmac, remain on patient’s condition.
2. Management of medical consultations with general practitioners or specialists.
3. Management of admissions in public or private hospitals and covering of medical costs, deductible or not
4. Organization of repatriation in France, French Overseas departments, Haiti, Cuba and the United States with our partner CAMAGROUP.
5. Personnal Assistance for immigration and customs formalities, until the boarding.
6. Avalaible French and English translators.
7. Hotel Booking and services provideers.